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 Home styling consultant online meeting

For the last 24 years, I had the privilege to work with the leading and hottest brands around the world, such as Holmes Place, Rado, Mont Blanc and many more. I design houses, condos, and stores.
I established  Cube online design college, and since 2008 we teach online around the world.
Now you have the chance to pick my brain and sit for a  to consult with me about your burning design issues about your home design.
The consult meeting will take place online please pick your time by sending an email, and we will schedule.
Before our online meeting please send me a word document and some pictures of the place you need to re-design.
I need this information in order to give you my best advice.
Please send this information by pressing on the button


Also, please download the software Anydesk.
With this software, I will be able to demonstrate for you exactly what I mean when I will advise you.
The meeting will be voice only ( no video) so we will talk via Whatsapp and demonstrate via Anydesk( if necessary) 


So... what you need to do now?
1. Send me the word document + 3-4 pictures of the place you want to talk about and get a consultant
    Please write your cell phone number + extension in this email.
2. Download Anydesk
3. Choose the date to schedule our meeting


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