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An online Home styling course that will take your house to the next level

Brush Stroke

6 lessons of pure design content to give you 
The most cutting edge design knowledge

To re-design your home.
If you have questions about how to re-design your home 
This is the course that you've been waiting for 
After watching the course you will live in your DREAM HOME

She also learned with us 

I've designed for the hottest brands around the world 
Now YOU  have the opportunity to learn how 
To live in your dream house TODAY

Home styling E-course 

Live in your dream house
- over 2  hours 

- 129 minutes of an audio lesson

- 6 PDF lesson
-2  E-books 

   Live in a greener  house 

   Fung Shui design

- Creativity in Home design

- Quick design  solutions

- Materials in Home design

- Living in Pinterest 
- Light & design 

-Textile in Home design








Get this amazing E-course for only
229$ AUD
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