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Learn today
Live in style 

Learn home styling design for 47$

and design your home as if it had come out of a coveted magazine.

Now is your chance to seize the opportunity in your hands and live in a house full of style


A home styling design course that will give you the initial tools for designing your private home.

The course is taught by Or Cal Halirz, who served as the chief designer of the leading design companies in Israel.

With opening data like this, your design success is just one click away.



How It Works

Click on the purchase button below and as soon as you finish the course payment

Will send to your inbox immediately.


The course is in digital format so you can watch it 24/7 without restriction.


Is there homework?

No, but you will receive a PDF booklet of

the lessons

and an MP3 presentation so you can listen to the lessons wherever you are.


The course is easy to understand and can be studied from anywhere in the world.


What are the contents of the course

The course is made up of 2 lessons that will give you an introduction to the world


Home styling design.

The classes are comprehensive and include advanced topics in the field of home styling design.


A lesson to live on Pinterest

He will make order for you in the world of design concepts, such as vintage, boho chic, retro and more

During this lesson you will be able to understand and apply the direction of your designs.


Materials class

Home styling design makes use of materials, and if at all then use them correctly and creatively.

In this class you will learn how you too can turn your home into a designed work of art that oozes style.


With guidance from the chief designer of the leading design companies, course content accessible to you 24/7 and a designed price that oozes such style... the possibility that you will live in a designed house today is closer than ever


Here is a taste of a lesson that is in the course

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