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We Only Have One Home

A 4 lesson home styling E-course that will put you in line with the top amazing designed house 

4 lessons will transform your home into a fantastic dropping jaws living unit. thousands of people just like you learned and applied for this course and are now living in their unique houses - it's YOUR TURN now.

Creativity in your Home design -    in this class we will learn to bring out and develop the creative maker in you. This powerful tool makes any space become a designed and desirable space - just the way you want to live in it.
This a comprehensive class that goes into the details in which I will reveal to you how you too can develop your creativity as a designer and harness this creativity to design your private home.

Design your house by using materials - the materials are the ones that make your house a design masterpiece. In this class, we will conduct a comprehensive tour of the materials that exist today in the field of home design and we will learn how to combine them in a revolutionary way in your private home - so that there is no room for mistakes - it is about you and your unique taste

Designing your home by using textiles - the textiles are the clothing of the house and therefore you must not make a mistake! In this class, he touched on style in combination with curtains, and pillows, and advanced thinking of interior design in the walls themselves in combination with textiles. Forget everything you know about designing with textiles because this class is going to give you a different and unique touch

Design using lighting - the light is the one that gives the last word to the design of your home. In this lesson we will learn about the different types of lighting and how they can be combined by using them differently and thinking more advanced. Why use a lamp on the sides of the room when you can create amazing ambient lighting that will bathe the entire room in light. This class gives you the tools you need to take your home design to the next level

Heather - N.Y

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